Top packing tips when holidaying with babies and toddlers

Posted: July 1, 2021

Leaving the house with babies and toddlers can feel like a mammoth task. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach or long-haul flight, planning ahead is key to getting out of the house on schedule and having the best time!

Travelling with little ones overseas can be tricky.  Flying anywhere means you are restricted to luggage allowances, and so driving to Europe or staycations can be an easier option (especially given the current situation).  

With most destinations on the amber or red list at the moment, meaning isolation on return, and other green list destinations requiring PCR tests, trips abroad can be more costly and stressful than ever before.  

Holidaying for the first time with your baby or toddler will create memories that last a lifetime.  Holidays are special, and to help make them as enjoyable as possible, we have listed our top packing tips for making the most of your trip, whether in the UK or abroad…

The key to successful packing is to be organised. 

  1. Make lists. 

Making an ongoing list a week or two before you go can help you to remember all of those extra things that are easily forgotten.  Leave it in a central place, such as the fridge door so that items can be noted down as and when they pop up. When the time comes to finally pack the bags, it will become a much simpler task.

  1. Packing cubes. 

Part of the stress is in making sure that everyone has what they need. Packing cubes are a great idea to reduce space, but also keep clothing separate.  Allocate each person their own cube and add clothes in a systematic manner e.g. pants for her, pants for him etc. That way, it is easy to see what has been packed, but also will keep clothing separate for unpacking the other side. Alternatively, pack items by category. Such as all swimming clothes, towels, underwear etc. so that it can be accessed quickly if necessary.

  1. Weaning Essentials. 

Whether it’s a self-catering holiday or not, it is always good to assume that there won’t be enough essentials for little ones. Pack some plastic bowls, cups and cutlery to make mealtimes more straightforward – particularly when out and about. Also pack a few feeding bibs to help to protect clothing and reduce the post-holiday washing pile!  Our neoprene bibs are easy to wash by hand and quick to dry, and our wipe clean bibs are ideal for feeding on the go.  Snacks are a definite must-have for the journey too!

  1. Find travel alternatives. 

Full-sized baby equipment will take up too much space when packing to go away with the family. Buying or borrowing travel alternatives is a great way to keep the weight down.  Look for folding booster seats instead of highchairs, lightweight travel cots or ready bed inflatable mattresses, compact strollers, travel sterilisers, quick-drying towels, and travel utensils for food preparation.

  1. That’s entertainment!

Long trips mean hours of keeping little ones entertained in between eating and sleeping.  Pack plenty of games, colouring, toys and reading to keep your little one happy whether in the car or on a plane.  This doesn’t mean packing the kitchen sink.  Take a rucksack with their favourite cuddly toy and a spare just in case, then books, toys and games that are multifunctional or reusable (like wipe clean) and don’t weigh too much or take up too much space.

Most importantly, remember that holidays are a break for everyone wherever they take place. Enjoy your family memories, have lots of fun and take time to recharge your batteries.  Share your holiday pics with us @bibettaUK!