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  • Toddler wearing an Bibetta UltraBib baby weaning bib in Forest Green Owls pattern with pocket
  • Bibetta UltraBib baby feeding bib in Forest Green Owls pattern with pocket flipped out to front
  • Bibetta UltraBib in Forest Green Owls pattern - close up
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UltraBib - Forest Green Owls

  • The perfect weaning bib with a soft, springy, pelican-style pocket to that folds out to catch food; ideal for baby led weaning.
  • Made of neoprene so it is stretchy and flexible with a really soft and friendly feel that children love
  • Waterproof inner layer
  • Absorbent top layer
  • Comfortable, secure and adjustable fit
  • Washable by hand or machine at 30 deg. C. max.; see video below
  • Tumble drier proof and durable.
  • Multi-award winning design in our own Forest Green Owl pattern

Bib Dimensions:

  • Neck Circumference: 24-29cm.
  • Width: 20cm.
  • Length: 22cm from the neck to pocket bottom





Product Videos

Bibetta- UltraBibs and Sleeved UltraBibs 01:34

Bibetta's brilliant UltraBibs™ are made of neoprene (wetsuit material) and have a soft, friendly and flexible feel that children love! Neoprene is waterproof, absorbent and very easy to clean. The UltraBib™ has a unique springy, soft pocket that folds out to catch food, making the bib ideal for baby led weaning as children can easily retrieve dropped finger food! The softness of the pocket allows your baby to comfortably sit up against a table or highchair without hurting their tummy. The bibs can be hand or machine washed (30°c) and are tumble drier proof. Bibetta's UltraBibs™ are easy care, smart looking and highly durable offering you excellent, long-lasting value for money. Our Sleeved UltraBib™ has new, improved sleeve material which is soft, stretchy, waterproof and highly durable! It is a well tailored bib for a perfect fir, ready for the next big food exploration!

  • Bibetta- Ultra...
    Bibetta's brilliant UltraBibs™ are made of neoprene (wetsuit m...