Wipeezee XL Splash Mat

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SKU: BZF-53-001

Bibetta’s large Wipeezee® Splash Mat is 100% waterproof and wipe clean!

Bibetta’s fabulous new Wipeezee® Splash Mat is 100% waterproof and super-easy to wipe clean! It is made with high quality material, keeps its shape and is a large size to give you the practicality needed at messy meal times!

The large mat is perfect for the table too, offering unbeatable protection for your table at messy play from water-based paints, mushy food and spilt drinks. Everything can be simply wiped off after use.

The underside also has a waterproof coating for some slip resistance on hard flooring and extra waterproofing protection from wet grass if using outdoors as a picnic mat or as a festival mat. After use, everything can be wiped off for a sparkly clean finish, ready for the next meal!

  • Made out of Bibetta’s exclusive Wipeezee® 100% waterproof and wipe-clean material (smooth, polyurethane coated polyester)
  • More relaxed mealtimes by making it easy to clean up afterwards
  • Ideal for keeping your floor and table clean when your baby is eating or doing messy play
  • Fun and engaging fruit characters design
  • Perfect for travel, picnics, play and out and about
  • Hand wash only (not machine washable)
  • Long lasting durable product.

Dimensions: 130cm x 140cm

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