Weaning pack – Children’s Placemat with Pocket and Feeding Bibs in Dino double pack

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SKU: BPL-32-P7

The GOLD award winning Bibetta Weaning Pack offers parents a collection of easy-to-clean weaning products to make feeding easier and ‘cover’ you throughout the whole weaning journey.

It contains a coordinating UltraBib feeding bib double pack, UltraBib with Sleeves and Placemat with pocket. Buying as a pack saves 20% against buying items individually!

  • Made out of neoprene it is soft to touch yet keeps its shape
  • Absorbent top layer and waterproof rubber middle
  • All products have a flip-out pocket to catch dropped food!
  • Can be used in and out of the home in highchairs or at a table
  • Hand or machine washable (30 deg. C max) and can be tumble dried

2 x UltraBib – the perfect starter weaning bib

Dimensions – Neck Circumference: 24-29cm, Width: 20cm, Length: 22cm from the neck to pocket bottom

1 x UltraBib with sleeves – Raglan sleeved shape with a wide pocket, relaxed body shape and waterproof sleeves. Ideal for Baby Led Weaning and Messy play!

Dimensions – Neck Circumference: 24-34cm, Width: 30cm, Length: 29cm neck to base of pocket

1 x Placemat with pocket

The large size protects your table from mess
Improves hygiene when eating out at cafés and restaurants
The Placemat folds up after use into its own pocket to safely trap any mess inside until it’s convenient to wash at home
Non-slip rubber backing for good grip

Dimensions – Width: 58cm, Depth: 45cm (35cm excluding pocket part), Pocket size: 26cm wide x 8cm tall x 2cm+ deep, Folded size: 26cm x 12cm x 5cm

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