Newborn Plush Bib in Cream and Taupe

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MSRP: £6.99 £6.99


SKU: BBN-38-001

  • A super-soft plush bib perfect for new-born and young babies in an attractive, soft, unisex cream colour with taupe colour back

  • It absorbs dribble and wetness; quick drying to protect baby’s skin and for convenience after washing

  • Has a waterproof middle layer bonded inside between the two, soft plush layers to keep baby’s skin and clothes dry

  • Cute teddy and love-hearts emboss as a marque of super-softness!

  • Co-ordinates with our matching plush Burp Cloth with Pockets

  • An ideal gift for a baby shower

Neck Circumference: 20-26cm
Width: 17cm
Length: 14cm from the neck to pocket bottom


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