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Product Reviews

Star Changing Mat Reviews


Bibetta Star Changing Mat – roll ‘n’ go on the move! by KatyKicker

Posted: 14/07/17

Katy thinks our changing mat is a great addition to the changing bag, due to its easy folding, ideal size and high quality. She loves that it's wipe clean, and says it has become a staple item for her, as she no longer has to worry about dirty surfaces or bad changing facilities! Read the full review here...


Bibetta Star Changing Mat Review by Me, him, the dog and a baby!!

Posted: 14/07/17

Lyndsey thought our Star Changing Mat was easy to take out and about due to its folding structure, and was perfect for carrying essential supplies. She really enjoyed the waterproof neoprene material, which makes it easy to clean if any accidents occur! Read the full review here...

Picnic Mat Reviews

 German Wife blog.jpg

Bibetta Picnic Blanket Review – The German Wife

Posted: 02/08/17

Ak has been a big fan of Bibetta since usign our UltraBibs, so she was very keen to try our our neoprene picnic mat on the Beach in Dorset.Check out her blog to see how she got on with it. here...


Bibetta Picnic Blanket Review – Life as a butterfly

Posted: 07/07/17

Hayley from Life as a butterfly reviewed our picnic mat. She found it soft, comfortable, easy to clean and durable – perfect for baby as it acts as a gentle cushion and is easily wiped clean! She loved the way the blanket looks and the matching shoulder bag. Read the full review here...

Burp Cloth and Newborn Bib Reviews


My Top Newborn Baby Must Haves – Review by Pouting in Heels

Posted: 07/07/17

Katie from Pouting in Heels loved our Luxury Burp Cloth, saying “they’re perfect for any messy babies”. She thought they were easy to wash, super soft and a great baby product to keep both at home and in the changing bag! Read the full review here...


Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth - Review by Sophie and Lily

Posted: 07/07/17

Sophie recently reviewed our Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth. She found it incredibly practical – easy to throw on and the non-slip fabric means no time is wasted re-positioning it. She loved the plush, luxurious feel of the fabric compared to traditional muslin sheets, and says she would recommend it to add to any collection. Read the full review here...

burp cloth review

Burp Cloth and Newborn Bib - review by I Always Believed in Futures

Posted: 14/06/17

Rebecca from I Always Believed in Futures has recently reviewed the Luxury Burp Cloth and Newborn Bib. Her favourite feature of the burp cloth was the pockets either side to catch the dribble and sick. She loved the soft and snuggly texture of both products, and how they are so waterproof - keeping her and her daughters clothes clean and dry. Read their review here...

Placemat with Pocket Reviews


The Minefield of Weaning - review by The Foodie Family Blog

Posted: 21/03/17

Roz and Lee from The Foodie Family Blog recently reviewed the Bibetta Place Mat with Pocket.  They thought the best feature of the mat was that it folds in on itself and tucks into the pocket, so if dirty, it can be transported home neatly without having to put it in another bag.   Read their review here...


A helpful table tidy from Bibetta*- review by Mummy and her Mini

Posted: 14/03/17

Mummy and Her Mini blog wrote a fabulous review of the Bibetta Place Mat with Pocket recently.  Jasmine said she would highly recommend this place mat.  She like the fact it folds up neatly, so if you are worried about toddler or baby eating at a restaurant and making a mess on the table, it would easily fit in any change bag and keep the table nice and clean. Read more...


Review Bibetta Children's Placment- by Somewhere After The Raindow

Posted: 10/03/17

As a fan of our UltraBibs, we offered Somewhere After The Rainbow blog a chance to try our new Place Mat with Pocket.  Lovely Mason did a sterling job at really putting it to the test, and by the end of the meal it was covered in food!  After a quick wash at 30 degrees, it was dry by teatime, with no stains at all – we are pleased to say they were impressed!  Read more