Planning the perfect outdoor picnic for Easter

Posted: March 31, 2021

It’s great that the first restrictions for lockdown have been relaxed, just in time for the start of the school Easter holidays. Does this mean you can have a family get-together this Easter?

It certainly seems that way – providing the weather is kind to us, of course! 

According to the government guidelines, outdoor gatherings will be permitted for up to six people, or two households. Therefore, under this new rule, families will have more flexibility to meet outside. 

So, while that doesn’t mean we can have our usual Easter lunch, it does mean that we are free to meet up outdoors (with social distancing).

Space to spread out

The Covid-19 guidelines suggest that meeting up will be permitted in both public areas and private gardens. We are, however, still advised to stay as local as possible, and encouraged to maintain social distancing. Therefore, when picking the location of your Easter picnic, choose somewhere not too far from home, and with lots of space so that you can keep your distance from others. 

No sharing!

As nice as it would be to meet up and share picnic treats, so far the guidance has not indicated that this is possible. If you are meeting others, make sure you all bring your own food and drinks, keeping them to yourselves. Alternatively, you could look for local businesses offering takeaway options, supporting them through these difficult times.

Set boundaries

A good way to keep to a safe distance is to use a picnic blanket or rug, encouraging each household to remain in their own space. Rugs are a great way to remind yourself of safe boundaries, and if you find that you’re creeping into someone else’s space, you can simply pull it back. For family members who may struggle sitting on the floor, it’s a good idea to pack a camping chair or two and save their backs! 

Pack easy-to-clean items

Wipe clean bibs are already fairly commonplace in the home, but they have only grown more important in the aftermath of COVID-19. Whether you’re planning a picnic at home, or in a park, an easy-to-wipe-clean picnic mat is a practical way to make sure that everything is completely sanitised, giving you peace of mind.

Check ahead for toilet facilities

It’s always hit-and-miss as to which places currently have open toilet facilities – hopefully this will become a thing of the past over the next few months! If you can, check the venue beforehand to locate the nearest toilets, and be sure to pack your own toilet paper and hand gel. For little ones, taking a potty along can help to prevent them from touching extra surfaces unnecessarily.

Plan Easter activities

With any luck, these new guidelines will allow outdoor trails and country parks to plan their events calendars again. Do some research to find local attractions and parks that might be open, and see if they’re running any Easter egg hunts for some added fun at your picnic.

Check the weather forecast

One thing that we can never guarantee is the British weather. Make sure that your plans can be adapted to suit any sudden forecast changes. If it looks as though it might rain, organise a garden shelter for the garden, such as a gazebo or canopy, so that your get-together can still go ahead.

Find a local park

As nice as family picnics can be, we know how often children need to be entertained. Having exhausted digital devices over lockdown, why not tie a picnic in with a park trip? Not only will you get to enjoy some long-awaited company, but you’ll also wear the kids out! Just remember, like always, to sanitise hands after using play equipment – just to be on the safe side. You can check out the Playground Buddy app to discover new play areas nearby to explore!