Mess Free Ideas for Children’s Art Week 2018

Posted: June 13, 2018

Art Week 2018

Do you love doing arts and crafts with your child, but can’t bear the tidying up? Well, like most parents, you’re not alone! However, the advantages of joining your child in this kind of activity far outweigh the negatives. 

From encouraging creativity to help them express themselves, learning through sensory play, honing fine motor skills or improving visual processing, children do benefit from arts and crafts. They also really love it too (messy or not)!

Sitting down to create something together is a great bonding activity and a way to create lovely memories together. It’s perfect for calming a situation down and entertaining a child with some old school techniques – and doing it without some form of technology at the table is even better too!

Children’s Art Week

Between 9-17th June 2018, Children’s Art Week celebrates creativity for children and young people. Through schools, museums, galleries and community groups, the annual event aims to bring children and art together by creating visual arts events. All around the UK, children will have the opportunity to get involved in a range of activities – some new, some old. 

When you have a little one in the house though, that mess and tidy up can still be a sticking point.  So here are some ideas for mess-free art activities for babies and toddlers. 

Preparation is key

Like all projects, preparation is key to a successful play session, or at least one that’s easier to clear up.

Invest in a washable coverall bib to offer protection for clothes. Choose a comfortable apron-style bib that is easy to put on and remove, as well as secure. 

Don’t forget the floor! Use a wipe clean messy mat to cover the floor and surrounding areas. Newspaper will also do to catch paint dribbles!

Keep wipes on hand too – those messy fingers and hands can catch you off-guard, or go into little mouths…

Then it’s just time to play!

Roll-on bottles. This roll-on art activity takes a bit of planning to make sure you have empty roll on bottles, so store them up as you finish your deodorant or lip-gloss. You can also buy spares online if you can’t wait that long.

Cling film art. A cling film project is super easy to prepare and tidy up, and kids will love the feeling of the squishy paint as they press on it. If you have a particularly strong child, use a zip-lock bag instead to avoid puncturing the film. 

Bubble wrap painting. This is a great one for children of all ages, but especially the younger one who will love exploring their senses. The feeling of creating a bubble wrap picture is the ideal way to help discovery of touch, sound and sight. 

Glitter slime. Using safe materials, this glitter slime recipe is one that you can make in advance, or if they are able to help, get them involved with the mixing. It uses only three ingredients too, so what’s not to love?

Cut and stick. If you’re struggling for time to buy special equipment or pre-plan your messy play, simply take it back to basics for some good old fashioned ‘cut and stick’ art. Draw or print a picture, cut out some bits of different colour or texture paper and get your child to glue them onto the shape. Ask older ones to keep within the lines, or for younger ones, simply let them enjoy the feeling of using glue!

What type of art will you do with your child during the event?

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*Always supervise your child when doing arts and crafts