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Happy Halloween – how to make fun and healthy snacks plus spooky ideas for crafts!

October 1, 2021

‘Healthy’ and ‘Halloween’ – two words that we rarely see together and despite Halloween being a fun opportunity for children of all ages to dress up in ghoulish costumes and roam the neighbourhood with their parents, collecting sweets and treats, most of us dread the inevitable sugar-rush that follows – usually right around bedtime! While […]

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Top packing tips when holidaying with babies and toddlers

July 1, 2021

Leaving the house with babies and toddlers can feel like a mammoth task. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach or long-haul flight, planning ahead is key to getting out of the house on schedule and having the best time! Travelling with little ones overseas can be tricky.  Flying anywhere means you are restricted […]

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Making the most of the great outdoors

Baby girl in a swimming costume and wearing sun glasses sitting on the beach

June 7, 2021

As lockdown restrictions are slowly lifted and the weather has shown big signs of improvement in June, it’s time to make the most of our newfound freedom. Hurrah! From play dates to days out with family and friends, the world is (almost) our oyster again. It is still going to be a while before ‘normal’ […]

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Planning the perfect outdoor picnic for Easter

March 31, 2021

It’s great that the first restrictions for lockdown have been relaxed, just in time for the start of the school Easter holidays. Does this mean you can have a family get-together this Easter? It certainly seems that way – providing the weather is kind to us, of course!  According to the government guidelines, outdoor gatherings […]

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Making bread with your kids during Real Bread Week

Making bread at home

February 19, 2021

Bread – the food of life Bread is quite possibly the most under-rated foodstuff in our modern diets. It’s often a food that we introduce to babies and toddlers early on, and there are plenty of reasons why.  Toast is great for baby led weaning, as little ones master the art of self feeding. It’s […]

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Christmas made easy!

Little Boy making a christmas card

December 1, 2020

As a parent with small children, getting the balance between it being a magical time of the year and working so hard that you’re frazzled on the big day can be a fine line. Read on for just a few top tips to help make Christmas easy this year.

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Countdown to Christmas

The countdown is on! Excitement is bubbling in the house, but how do you balance keeping the excitement going with stopping it from bubbling over before the big day even arrives?

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Bringing the generations together through art

July 10, 2020

Ideas for bringing grandparents, parents and children together through art and activities as part of Children’s Art Week.

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Celebrate Family time with a new kind of picnic in the park

June 18, 2020

Top tips on how to picnic safely and have fun with your family and friends whilst observing social distancing restrictions.

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Family fun on a picnic

Family picnic

June 6, 2019

What makes a good picnic in terms of filling that picnic basket? And which foods are best for our babies who at 6 months are starting their weaning journey? Happy Tums list their top 10 picnic foods and tips to ensure your day out is as fun and easy as possible.

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Spring activities with your grandchildren

Grandmother lying in field with grandchildren

April 4, 2019

Favourite outdoor activities for grandparents to do with their grandchildren this Spring

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5 rules for turning the volume down on crazy play dates

child with finger up to mouth in symbol of silence

September 7, 2018

Play dates can become quite crazy at any moment but here are 5 rules for helping you turn the volume down.

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