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​Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day

Posted by Nicola Ragon-Paxton LLB (Hons) BSc (Hons) Happy Tums on

Monday 10th July is Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day. If you are lucky enough to be at home with your little one(s) on Monday, why not get together some friends, your picnic essentials not forgetting your little one’s favourite teddy bear and make a day of it!?

Whether you are at home in the garden, going for a stroll in the woods, camping out on the beach or at your local park, nothing beats a bit of fun time with little one. If the weather isn’t all that great, then maybe you could create an indoor tent and have a picnic there – it doesn’t just have to be outside.

We asked nutritionist and co-founder of Happy Tums, Nicola Ragon-Paxton for her top tips so you can make your little one’s teddy bears’ picnic super special.

“Summer is the perfect time to get outside with your baby to enjoy lots of new flavours, textures and colours. Picnics provide a good change of scenery, which can really help if you’ve found yourself in a weaning rut or your baby has taken a dislike to the highchair! It can also be good for babies to sit together and copy each other trying new foods. Here are my top tips for your teddy bears’ picnic this year:

Think about packing foods that are easy and fun to eat – our Happy Tums Tagine Picnic Pies are perfect for little (and big hands), use a bear shaped cutter for sandwiches and home-made hummus is perfect encouraging little ones to dip with vegetable batons! For dessert think about a chunky fruit salad for everyone to share.

Make sure you keep food at a safe temperature by using an insulated cool bag and plenty of icepacks
 Packaged picnic foods are usually quite high in salt so avoid these by making your own freezer stash and cooking as and when needed. Focus on meze type picnic with a selection of items like dips, pittas, cheese, falafel, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, cold pizza, avocado, egg, savoury muffins, hard boiled egg, cooked prawns, cold cooked meats

 Be prepared – get everything into the fridge and ready the night before. Then all you need to do is add it to your cool bag in the morning

 Pack plenty of water, especially in warm weather! Free- flow sippy cups are best to begin with as they are easy to drink from.

Don’t forget your picnic blanket, try the Bibetta large picnic mat which is machine washable and comes in an easy-to-carry case, bib and wipes! Not forgetting of course the guest of honour – Teddy!

At Happy Tums we realise just what an important part food plays in family life and our aim is to help you enjoy your weaning adventure and get you off to the right start

Nicola Ragon-Paxton LLB (Hons) BSc (Hons) Happy Tums

Our Bibetta machine-washable picnic mat comes in a range of colours and designs and is available to purchase by clicking here. It will be on sale until 9th July at 25% off normal RRP at £29.99