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​Sicky shoulder syndrome: a new parents nightmare

Posted by Bibetta on

When you are expecting a new baby, you’ll be getting ready with lots of ‘must-have’ items like the car seat, buggy, change mat and all of those nappies and wipes.

Fast forward a few months and you will have experienced ‘Sicky shoulder syndrome’ or SSS… for short!

It’s a fact of life, babies dribble and posset during and after most feeds, and they can need a lot of winding to avoid hours of painful screams.

So, the ‘sicky shoulder’ that we’ve all experienced just becomes part of your everyday outfit - even if you don’t realise it! And the chances are, you’ll get one just as you are running late, or when you’ve put a new outfit on. Typical!

If you’re getting tired of a wet patch on your shoulder we have the solution for you.

Our new luxury burp cloth has a super soft feel that your baby will love to cuddle into whilst being comforted on your shoulder. Much nicer than an old muslin cloth!

Worn on either shoulder, the burp cloth will absorb liquid and has a pocket on each end to catch any excess dribble or reflux. Best of all it has a waterproof barrier bonded in the middle to protect your clothes from getting wet. Easy to care for, its machine washable and quick drying, ready for the next cuddle!

You can buy the luxury burp cloth from our website or JoJo Maman Bébé