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​Bibetta's tips for weaning on the go

Posted by Bibetta on

When it comes to introducing solids, whether you choose a traditional puree approach or prefer to go down the baby-led weaning approach, it can be a messy old time.

And when you're out and about or traveling to see friends, it's even messier!

Here are out top tips for weaning on the go (and trying to stay smear-free of food in the meantime!):

  1. Be prepared - In addition to the usual food, snacks and water, make sure that you pack a few bibs, some weaning spoons, a cup and some plastic bowls to either decant food onto, or to feed purees from. We always recommend packing a travel-safe knife and fork too, so that if you need some emergency chopping, peeling or mashing, you're never caught short. Small pots with lids are also a must-have to not only transport foods you know they will snack on, but also to contain any leftovers that they may want a little later on. 

    Our  Lunch Bag is perfect for carrying all of your equipment, and is also machine washable for any spills!
  2. Pack for disasters - Highchairs in public spaces tend not to be as clean as you'd like, so make sure you pack some antibacterial wipes to give it the once over, and also of course keep baby wipes to hand for hands, faces and any clothing spillages.
  3. Keep your cool - Use a small coolbag to keep any dairy or meat products cool, and if you have the space, pack a freezer ice pack in too.
  4. Keep an emergency stash - Despite all good intentions to feed home-cooked foods, sometimes your little one just won't agree! So that you don't end up with a hungry and angry baby, pack a few readymade food pouches or handheld snacks that can keep them going until you make it back to the safety of your own home (often where baby will eat best anyway).
  5. Encourage water - Whilst weaning, you can also introduce a sippy cup to your child and encourage them to drink some water whilst eating solids. This will not only help with their digestion and hydration, but also help to start to get them used to a cup as opposed to a teat.
  6. Feeling hot hot hot? - Always make sure food is defrosted completely, and if you little one likes it hot, you are somewhere where you can request a bowl of hot water (or if you are super organised, pack a flask of hot water and a jug).

Other tips

  • Going out to eat:
    • Consider taking a pushchair if you think it may be busy and highchairs may already be being used
    • Perhaps call ahead and book a highchair?
    • Clear the area around the highchair of cutlery, glasses and any condiment trays
    • Pack some plastic bags (nappy bags will do) to pick up any dropped food - it's never nice to walk in squished baby food!
  • If you are away on holiday or visiting family, perhaps invest in a portable highchair or booster seat