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About Bibetta's products

About Bibetta's Products


Bibetta designs all its products in Cambridge, England, mixing some clever little innovations with high performance fabrics to give you a 'wow' factor whenever you use our products! We aim to give you the most comfortable, easiest to use, best performing and most durable products available.

Neoprene products


Many of our products are made with neoprene, the same material as used for making wet suits. Neoprene has a fantastic, soft, stretchy and friendly feel and is 100% waterproof with a soft rubber layer in the middle.

The outside is covered in tough, stretchy nylon which is easy to clean, absorbs liquid and is quick drying. Neoprene keeps its shape well and lasts a long time giving you excellent value products!

Our neoprene products pass all relevant UK safety requirements and are BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free and AZO dye free.


Dribble bibs


Our Super Soft Dribble Bibs use advanced, lightweight fabrics throughout to offer class leading absorption, protection and comfort.

They are made with a unique, ultra-fine, micro-fibre fabric on the front which is faster absorbing, faster wicking and faster drying than cotton. On the back is a high quality, durable and waterproof fabric for excellent protection from wetness. It has the added bonus of no shrinkage so it always looks smart and neat.

Washing and care of Bibetta products

Always follow the washing and drying instructions on the product's wash-care labels.

For our neoprene products we recommend hand-washing; wetting the product, adding washing-up liquid or clothes washing detergent, gently rubbing and rinsing off under warm running water, then drying thoroughly.

Alternatively neoprene can be machine washed occasionally. We recommend hand washing first to remove excess food and to agitate the top fabric, then a cool machine wash of 30° C or less for all our products. As with any fabric, the cooler and gentler the washing and drying method you use the longer the product will last; and it is better for the environment!

Note: the fabric surface will absorb more readily after the first few washes (i.e. the same as a new towel).

Sterilising to keep your bibs clean and fresh

To prevent your bibs getting smelly and to keep them clean and fresh we recommend sterilising them occasionally.

Use Milton Steriliser solution, or a similar brand, to sterilise your Bibetta bibs. This will make them more hygienic and get rid of any food smells. Alternatively wash them in a weak bleach solution (about 1 part bleach to 50 part water). Wear rubber gloves for any sterilising and rinse well afterwards in fresh water. They may smell salty (Milton Steriliser is made up of 16.5% salt!) or like a swimming pool for while afterwards but your bibs will be much fresher for the next meal!



The combination of durable, neoprene material and high quality construction means our products are tough and long lasting, making them excellent value for money. This combined with the easy-wash/quick-dry convenience makes them ideal for both family use and professional use.

Design protection

Bibetta's neoprene bibs are patent protected (Patent No. GB 2393896).  All our products, illustrated characters and print designs are registered designs and copyright designs. It is an offence to copy, manufacture or sell such products without our permission.


The name Bibetta and the stylized logo with 'B' icon are registered trademarks and UltraBib, Roll 'n' Go Changing Mat, Placemat with Pocket, Star Changing Mat, Wipeezee and Dribble 'n' Dry are trademarks of Bibetta Limited.